10th Anniversary Edition

The lavishly reimagined 10th Anniversary Edition of the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller. 

The year is 2059. For two centuries, the Republic of Scion has led an oppressive campaign against unnaturalness in Europe. 

In London, Paige Mahoney holds a high rank in the criminal underworld. The right hand of the ruthless White Binder, Paige is a dreamwalker, a rare and formidable kind of clairvoyant. Under Scion law, she commits treason simply by breathing. 

When Paige is arrested for murder, she meets the mysterious founders of Scion, who have designs on her uncommon abilities. If she is to survive and escape, Paige must use every skill at her disposal – and put her trust in someone who ought to be her enemy.

Content guide
Death, emotional abuse, hibernophobia, human trafficking, 
massacre, torture (mentioned), tyranny, violence, vomiting 




Waterstones (signed)


‘Epic, surprising, and impeccably imagined, The Bone Season seamlessly melds a near-future dystopian world, with high fantasy stakes, and a truly unique brand of magic. Perfect for those who enjoy intricate plots and eclectic casts of nuanced characters. Ten years on from its original release, Shannon's debut remains one of the most accomplished and original SFF novels I've ever read’ – Kate Dylan, author of Mindwalker 

The Bone Season is why fantasy exists. This is a hypnotic journey that crackles with dreamlike energy [...] I would linger in the aether forever if it meant spending longer with Paige Mahoney and Arcturus Mesarthim. Darkly thrilling, and dense with inventive detail, this lyrical dreamscape demands your presence. Come, dreamers – I dare you to lose yourselves in this one’ – London Shah, award-winning author of the Light the Abyss series

  • Italian by Oscar Vault – coming soon
  • Polish by Wydawnictwo SQN – coming soon
  • Spanish by Roca Editorial – coming soon 
  • Ukrainian by ARTBOOKS – coming soon