I'm represented by David Godwin at DGA. General enquiries should go to Rachel Taylor at PR enquiries, including ARC requests, should be directed to, and film and TV enquiries are handled by Rosie Gurtovoy at Peters Fraser and Dunlop.

I don't have a public email address and I don't reply to private messages on social media, so if you have a professional enquiry, such as an interview request, please go through my agency. 

Please note that I don't monitor my Twitter account, which is run by Bloomsbury. I am now only active on Instagram

I always love to hear from readers. I'm not currently replying to letters, but if you'd like to write to me, please feel free to do so at the following address: 

Samantha Shannon
c/o David Godwin Associates
2nd Floor, 40 Rosebery Avenue
Clerkenwell, London
United Kingdom