The Bone Season


Welcome to Scion. No safer place.

The year is 2059. For two centuries, the Republic of Scion has led an oppressive campaign against unnaturalness in Europe.

In London, Paige Mahoney holds a high rank in the criminal underworld. The right hand of the ruthless White Binder, Paige is a dreamwalker, a rare and formidable kind of clairvoyant. Under Scion law, she commits treason simply by breathing.

When Paige is arrested for murder, she meets the mysterious founders of Scion, who have designs on her uncommon abilities. If she is to survive and escape, Paige must use every skill at her disposal – and put her trust in someone who ought to be her enemy. 

The Bone Season is the first in a series of seven fantasy novels.

Content guide:
Death, human trafficking, hibernophobia, slavery, violence, vomiting

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'A dazzlingly witty, brainy, and bewitching tale of outrageous courage, heroic compassion, transcendent love, and the quest for freedom' – Booklist

'Fabulous, epic fantasy thriller' – Times

'A massive, intricate story ... in [a] blisteringly paced plot' – New York Magazine

'A dark and exquisitely rendered fantasy unlike anything out there. The Bone Season is a must-read' – Kami Garcia, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Beautiful Creatures and author of Unbreakable

'Truly extraordinary and thrilling' – Andy Serkis

'Slick and vivid . . . Gives the fantasy genre a refreshing lease of life. The Bone Season is enough to transport even hardened sceptics of the fantasy genre into its imaginative realm' – Metro

'A rapid-fire wonder of a book' – Marie Claire

'Dark, embattled, highly wrought fantasy' – Observer

'Had me gripped as if in a vice, keeping me hostage among the 452 pages until the end, when I was left eager for the next book – Stylist

'Dynamic and direct . . . There is an exciting breadth to Shannon's world' – Evening Standard

'Intelligent, inventive, dark, and engrossing enough to keep me up late to finish' –

'A dystopian thriller that delivers' – Salon


  • Bulgarian by Ciela Norma, Сезонът на коститеtr (Sezonat na Kostite), translated by Deyan Kyuchoukov 
  • Catalan by Edicions Bromera, L'Era dels Ossos, translated by Marta Pera Cucurell
  • Chinese by Shanghai 99 Culture Consulting, translated by Shen Lining
  • Croatian by Profil Knjig, Sezona Kostiju, translated by Saša Stančin
  • Czech by HOST, Kostičas, translated by Lenka Kapsová
  • Dutch by Prometheus, Het bottenseizoen, translated by Janet van der Lee
  • French by De Saxus, Bone Season: Saison d'os, translated by Benjamin Kuntzer
  • German by Berlin Verlag, The Bone Season: Die Träumerin, translated by Charlotte Lungstrass-Kapfer
  • Greek by Platypus, Η ΕΠΟΧΗ ΤΩΝ ΟΣΤΩΝ (Age of Bone), translated by Penelope Triada
  • Hebrew by Agam Books, עונת העצמות (The Bone Season), translated by Devora Busheri
  • Hungarian by Athenaeum Kiadó, Csontszüret, translated by Juhász Viktor
  • Norwegian by Kagge Forlag, Drømmegjengeren, translated by Kjersti Velsand
  • Polish by SQN, Czas Żniw, translated by Regina Kołek
  • Portuguese by Casa das Letras, A Estação dos Ossos, translated by Fátima Andrade
  • Portuguese (Brazil) by Editora Rocco, Temporada dos Ossos, translated by Cláudia Mello Belhassof
  • Romanian by Curtea Veche, Sezonul Oaselor: The Bone Season, translated by Teodora Văcariu
  • Russian by Azbooka-Atticus, translated by Anna Petrushina
  • Serbian by Laguna, Sezona kostiju, translated by Eli Gilić
  • Slovene by Učila International, Sanjačka, translated by Amanda Mlakar
  • Slovak by Vydavatel'stvo Tatran, Zber kostí, translated by Lucia Halová
  • Swedish by Modernista, Drömgångare, translated by Lena Jonsson and Emma Jonsson Sandström
  • Taiwanese, translated by Gan Zhenlong
  • Turkish by Pegasus Yayincilik, Kemik Mevsimi, translated by Selim Yeniçeri
  • Vietnamese by Nhã Nam, Mùa Xương, translated by Nhiệt Xích