The Bone Season


Welcome to Scion. No safer place.

The year is 2059. Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal underworld of Scion London. Her job: to scout for information by breaking into people's minds. For Paige is a dreamwalker, a rare kind of clairvoyant – and under Scion law, she commits treason simply by breathing.

Elsewhere, however, there is a seat of power even greater than Scion. And they have a different design for Paige and her uncommon abilities...

The Bone Season is the first in a series of seven fantasy novels.

Content guide:
Death, human trafficking, slavery, violence, vomiting

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'A dazzlingly witty, brainy, and bewitching tale of outrageous courage, heroic compassion, transcendent love, and the quest for freedom' – Booklist

'Fabulous, epic fantasy thriller' – Times

'A massive, intricate story ... in [a] blisteringly paced plot' – New York Magazine

'A dark and exquisitely rendered fantasy unlike anything out there. The Bone Season is a must-read' – Kami Garcia, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Beautiful Creatures and author of Unbreakable

'Truly extraordinary and thrilling' – Andy Serkis

'Slick and vivid . . . Gives the fantasy genre a refreshing lease of life. The Bone Season is enough to transport even hardened sceptics of the fantasy genre into its imaginative realm' – Metro

'A rapid-fire wonder of a book' – Marie Claire

'Dark, embattled, highly wrought fantasy' – Observer

'Had me gripped as if in a vice, keeping me hostage among the 452 pages until the end, when I was left eager for the next book – Stylist

'Dynamic and direct . . . There is an exciting breadth to Shannon's world' – Evening Standard

'Intelligent, inventive, dark, and engrossing enough to keep me up late to finish' –

'A dystopian thriller that delivers' – Salon


  • Bulgarian by Ciela Norma, Сезонът на коститеtr (Sezonat na Kostite
  • Catalan by Edicions Bromera, L'Era dels Ossos, translated by Marta Pera Cucurell
  • Chinese by Shanghai 99 Culture Consulting, translated by Shen Lining
  • Croatian by Profil Knjig, Sezona Kostiju
  • Czech by HOST, Kostičas, translated by Lenka Kapsová
  • Dutch by Prometheus, Het bottenseizoen, translated by Janet van der Lee
  • French by De Saxus, Bone Season: Saison d'os, translated by Benjamin Kuntzer
  • German by Berlin Verlag, The Bone Season: Die Träumerin, tr. Charlotte Lungstrass-Kapfer
  • Greek by Platypus, Η ΕΠΟΧΗ ΤΩΝ ΟΣΤΩΝ (Age of Bone), tr. Penelope Trinity
  • Hebrew by Agam Books, עונת העצמות, tr. Devora Busheri
  • Hungarian by Athenaeum Kiadó, Csontszüret, translated by Juhász Viktor
  • Italian by Oscar Vault – coming soon
  • Latvian by Zvaigzne ABC
  • Norwegian by Kagge Forlag, Drømmegjengeren, translated by Kjersti Velsand
  • Polish by SQN, Czas Żniw, translated by Regina Kołek
  • Portuguese by Casa das Letras, A Estação dos Ossos, translated by Fátima Andrade
  • Portuguese (Brazil) by Editora Rocco, Temporada dos Ossos, translated by Cláudia Mello Belhassof
  • Romanian by Curtea Veche, Sezonul Oaselor: The Bone Season, translated by Teodora Văcariu
  • Russian by Azbooka-Atticus, translated by Anna Petrushina
  • Serbian by Laguna, Sezona kostiju
  • Slovene by Učila International, Sanjačka, translated by Amanda Mlakar
  • Slovak by Vydavatel'stvo Tatran, Zber kostí, translated by Lucia Halová
  • Spanishcoming soon
  • Swedish by Modernista, Drömgångare, translated by Lena Jonsson and Emma Jonsson Sandström
  • Taiwanese, translated by Gan Zhenlong
  • Turkish by Pegasus Yayincilik, Kemik Mevsimi 
  • Vietnamese by Nhã Nam, Mùa Xương, translated by Nhiệt Xích