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With only nine days to go until The Song Rising, I think it's high time I released my soundtrack for the book. As always with a Bone Season installment, some real songs and pieces of music are mentioned on the page. While The Song Rising isn't anywhere near as musical as the first two books in the series, given that Paige is on the move so much and has no conveniently-placed gramophone to hand, the featured songs are some of my favourites, and one in particular has a large role to play.

In the book

Death and the Maiden – Franz Schubert – Jaxon's Theme
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes – Rita Streich
The Lost Chord – Adelaide Anne Procter & Arthur Seymour Sullivan

Author's playlist

Ambition – Doves
And I Will Kiss – Underworld feat. Dame Evelyn Glennie – The Jubilee
Ashes – Madi Diaz
Backseat – Carina Round – Nick and Paige's Theme
Cherry Bomb – The Runaways – Maria's Theme
Covenant  – Ilya Beshevli – Warden's Theme
Dance of the Druids
Bear McCreary – A Memory of She'ol

Don't Shy From the Light – Neulore
Dream – Imagine Dragons
Eventide – Brand X Music
Fire – Bipolar Sunshine
Ghosts – BANNERS

I Had No One – David Arnold & Michael Price – Victoria Tower / Colchicum
In Nowheres – The Twilight Sad – The Road to Edinburgh
Kings and Queens and Vagabonds – Ellem
Lord of Light – Ramin Djawadi – Nashira's Theme
Lovechild – Rebecca Clements 
Jaxon and Paige's Theme

Murmur – FirstCom Cinematic Orchestra
No Time for Caution – Hans Zimmer – Vance's Theme
Redbeard – David Arnold & Michael Price – "I am Paige Mahoney"
Running Through Woodland – Message to Bears – Nick's Memory
Salvator Mundi – Thomas Tallis
The Scorch – Shelby Merry – Paige's Theme
Shot in the Dark – Within Temptation
Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight – Low Roar
War – She is We
The Whisperer – David Guetta feat. Sia – Warden and Paige's Theme
You Know Where to Find Me – Imogen Heap

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  1. It's so appropriate that "The Lord of Light" is Nashira's theme, as she and Melissandre have a lot in common. They're both zealots who believe any action they take is completely justified.

  2. Please tell me the 4th book will be out before 2017 ends?!! I have been savoring The Song Rising for over a month, I could have read easily in a few days, but I am dreading the ending and having to wait for the next book.

    This series is my new favorite and I cannot wait for a movie to be made. I hope the movie serves these books well. They are well written and enjoyable for almost any age in my opinion.

  3. Hi Samantha, the book launch sounds incredible!

    Can you tell us about any books that inspired 'The Priory of the Orange Tree'? I get the feeling that 'A Song of Ice and Fire' was one source of inspiration?

  4. Absolutely exciting :) I love every song in every books. Thank you for this.


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