The Song Rising – Collector's Edition

So, I have some very exciting news. I think you'll like it. 

As you'll know, Bloomsbury recently decided to give the Bone Season series a new look. However, I'm delighted to say that there will also be a special limited Collectors' Edition of The Song Rising in hardback, with a cover in the style of David Mann's stunning originals. 

Without further ado, I am very proud to unveil the Collectors' Edition . . .

It's so beautiful I can't stop staring at it help me

Seriously, though, look at it. Look at it. 

There are so many things I love about this edition of The Song Rising. The royal purple is very apt for a book about Paige's reign as Underqueen, and the moth – a reference to Black Moth, the alias Paige took during the scrimmage – is a symbol of human resistance against Scion and the Rephaim. The orange flower is nasturtium, which represents a certain other character and means conquest, or power, in the language of flowers used in the book. What I find most wonderful about this cover, however, is the six dials emanating from the moth, which echo the design of The Bone Season. To me, they represent the other six members of Paige's gang, and how their lives are now moving in different directions as their world expands. 


When will the Collector's Edition be released? 

On the very same day as the other edition of The Song Rising – 7 March, 2017. Six months to go, folks.

Will there be a Collector’s Edition for each new book in the series? 

Yes. (Which means I get two sets of covers. And two cover reveals per book. I am the luckiest author who ever lived.) 

So this is how we get our matching hardback set, right? 

Exactly. The collectors' edition is the only hardback that will match the originals, so if you want a matching set, this is the one you need to get your hands on. 

Bloomsbury currently has no plans to release the new covers for the first two books in hardback format. However, as I said in an earlier post, they are re-issuing The Bone Season and The Mime Order with the new covers in paperback in February 2017. The new Bone Season paperback will include The Pale Dreamer and a brand-new map by Emily Faccini. 

Can I cancel my existing pre-order and buy this one instead? 

Yes – just cancel with your retailer.

Will the eBook have the purple jacket or the new jacket? 

The new jacket, with the burning crown.

Where can I buy the Collector’s Edition? 

It's available to pre-order globally right now from Bloomsbury and Amazon, and will be feeding out to other retailers soon. 

Will it cost more? 

Nope! The collector's edition will be exactly the same price as the white one, and will even come with a signature from yours truly.


  1. I hope this will be satisfyingly uniform with the US editions. Just preordered my copies from Amazon US.

    Blogged about it as well:

  2. This is the most exciting news I've gotten all day! Thank goodness they're all going to match on my shelf! Now to decided whether to cancel my preorder for the original copy or get both... (hint: I'll probably get both)

  3. I hit pre-order so fast that I felt the burn on my fingertips. But seriously, what a beautiful edition! :D

  4. Really this is just the best news ever. When I saw you had an announcement that you said would make people happy, I *hoped* it had to do with the cover, but didn't dare get my hopes up. Yay Bloomsbury!

  5. This is such fantastic news, I am so glad that Bloomsbury were able to make so many of us happy, I think this is a wonderful compromise. I have most happily pre ordered the collectors edition (but will most likely end up with a set of the new covers too).

  6. I knew that TSR cover will be purple !!! :*:*:* (maybe I'm oracle like Nick :P, I wish :D)
    I'm huge fan of collectors edition I such fell in love on TBS series :D... I wish I could read The Song Rising now :D

  7. I love this idea. I have always enjoyed seeing all of my books line up nicely on a shelf. While I understand that publishers want to try new looks to reach new readers, it was so frustrating seeing a series change part way through. I think this is a great idea so that they can try the new covers, but appease those of us who have been reading all along (and are particular about this sort of thing like me). How fun!

  8. I have preordered it! I hope there are enough copies? :( I would hate it if I won't get it :(


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