The song is on the rise

The edits are done

The song is on the rise. 

After at least a year of working on the manuscript, I am relieved and overjoyed to tell you that I have finally, finally finished The Song Rising. All that's left to do now is copy-editing, but I already know it will be a breeze in comparison to the structural and line edits that have occupied my every waking moment for the last few weeks. 

I've slowly fallen in love with this book. I've spent months agonising, writing, rewriting, being thrilled with new scenes, veering between laughter and tears, waking up in cold sweats, doubting my ability, emailing my editor, being certain of my ability, loving my new villain, and living in fear of Third Book Syndrome, if such a thing exists – but out of this emotional and creative welter, and at least five drafts, comes a book that I am really, truly proud of, and can't wait for you to read in March 2017. (Fingers crossed some of you wil be get your hands on ARCs before that.) The extra time I spent on it has been absolutely worth it, as it was with The Mime Order, and I'd like to thank you all again, a thousand times, for your patience in waiting for me to get Paige's third adventure exactly right. I've learned a lot of lessons about my creative process during this time, and I hope to use those lessons to make the first draft of Book 4 much stronger and tighter before it goes to my editor.

In case you missed it on social media, here's your first official quote from The Song Rising

"You do not believe me."  
A long breath escaped me. "I don't know what I believe any more."

. . . Make of it what you will.

I've said before that each book in the Bone Season series, while broadly coming under the umbrella of dystopia and urban fantasy, will have a different 'genre'. The Bone Season was a jailbreak; The Mime Order, at its heart, was a murder mystery. Originally, I had planned The Song Rising to be a more typical let's-fight-the-government dystopian, but on reflection, I think . . . I think it might be a heist novel. Maybe.

So, at long last, knowing that I've put my all into The Song Rising, I'm moving on to new projects – after I take a week off to catch up on my reading and do things like properly unpack my belongings now I've moved out of my parents' house. On the subject of new projects, I've just finished editing my short story for a brand-new anthology that's coming soon to a bookshop near you. 

The anthology 

If you haven't read about it yet, Because You Love to Hate Me is a villain-themed YA anthology, edited by Grammy-nominated singer Ameriie, that will bring together thirteen authors and thirteen Booktubers to create stories. In short, each Booktuber is assigned to an author and gives them a prompt, and with that prompt, the author creates a story centred around a particular villain (or villains). The Booktubers will also be contributing essays to the anthology, detailing their thoughts on good and evil. I absolutely love this subject matter, especially delving into the murky grey waters that lie between those two extremes. I was honoured to be asked by Ameriie to join in with this project, and I've loved working on my contribution over the last couple of months. Although I can't tell you a great deal about it yet, I have no doubt that Bloomsbury, who will be publishing in July 2017, will be dropping a tonne of hints as the year goes on.   

Some of the other authors involved in the anthology are Renée Ahdieh, Victoria Schwab, and Susan Dennard. You can all about it here.

The rest of the year

The rest of 2016 is going to be interesting, because for the first time in my career as an author, I'm going to be splitting my time equally between two major projects. One of those is, of course, the fourth Bone Season book. All I'm telling you at the moment is (a) that it's set in France, (b) it's the final book in the first "arc" of the septology, and (c) that the ending will change everything.  

The second task is to finish The Priory of the Orange Tree, my high fantasy novel. I don't yet have a release date for you, and I doubt Bloomsbury will choose one until the draft is finished, but I'll drop hints when I can. I'm aiming to have both manuscripts handed in by the time The Song Rising is published, if not earlier. 

But first . . . I need to catch up on my sleep, give my body a break from my near-permanent writing posture, and read as many books as I can stuff into a week. Thank you to all of you, as always, for your constant support and enthusiasm. It's kept me going for the past year, and it will fuel me for the next. 

*disappears under duvet*


  1. I'm happy to read about your progress! I can't wait to re-read The Bone Season and The Mime Order before the book 3 release. I'm looking so forward!!!! Can not wait!! I wish you a happy reading week.

    I know that 2017 is still a long way to go but hey, after reading this piece of news, atleast I are one step closer to getting my hands on it.
    I just gave my 12th class boards and finished school in India and for the past few weeks that I had got literally nothing to do, I just kept rereading the first two books and having Sherlock marathons.
    Huge congratulations for completing The Song Rising and for the anthology as well. I am sure it would exceed everyone's expectations and would be an epic addition to the growing series of The Bone Season. I can't wait for March 2017. Loving the sound of the 4th book and The Priory of the Orange Tree as well.
    Till March '17 then...
    An eagerly waiting fan,

  3. As a student at uni, how did you ever find the time to write?

  4. Thank you for posting, and for posting a teaser! My prediction is that it's from a Paige and Warden conversation. Looking forward to more teasers!

  5. Yaaay! Can't wait for The Song Rising. I know it's going to be amazing ^^

  6. oh my gosh, SO excited to get this little taste of A Song Rising. CAN NOT WAIT! (Have read and re-read and re-read Bone Season and Mime Order, I have SO many things I want to know!) And even more excitement with Book 4. Squeeeeee!

    I must ask, how might one get one's hands on an ARC??? That would be divine!

    You keep on doing what you do. SO Excited!!!


  7. omg!
    I'm so curious!
    Please tell me the Warden and Paige will be together!
    Warden is really bad in the next book?
    I'm waiting for him frantically published much Sfoiiilrim please!


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