Resolutions for 2016

  • Finish editing The Song Rising.
  • Start writing Book 4.
  • Find high fantasy a home with a publisher.
  • Drink less coffee. Especially at Starbucks. Stop wasting money on fancy coffee. 
  • Move out of my parents' house. 
  • Pester Bloomsbury until they release On the Merits of Unnaturalness as an eBook.
  • Read a tonne more YA, and continue to ignore to the inevitable articles telling me that at 24 I'm really far too old for it.
  • Drink more water.
  • Attempt to get fit enough to not pant after climbing the stairs.
  • Stop comparing myself to other people. 
  • Take better care of myself.
  • Be more confident. 
  • Less Internet, more reading and writing. There are too many good books I'm missing. 
  • Update blog at least once a month. 
  • Make 2016 much better than 2015. 


  1. Wow, reading this post I have to say over 75% of your resolutions could easily apply to me and what I hope to accomplish this year. What I most hope to accomplish is finishing what I start! I've been working on a novel now for nearly 3 years. It's time I stopped getting distracted and put more effort into finishing!

    I've read your first book and have your second book on my LONG TBR list for 2016! Thanks for the inspiration and making me feel like I'm not alone in my struggles.

    1. Good luck with your novel. So glad you liked the first book, and I hope you enjoy The Mime Order!

  2. Good luck :)
    No one is too old for fairy tales and ... YA :)

  3. Hey Samantha,
    I don't know if you remember me but you once came to New Delhi in 2013 at St Mary's School and did a book signing, I was the first who came up to you :P
    I am also one of the lucky people who got their hands on a copy of 'The Merits of Unnaturalness' and I am kind of waiting for you to come back to India and sign my copy of this along with that of The Mime Order too :)
    I love your books and love reading your blog but I have not been able to do so for the past few months because here in India, we have our Board Examinations for class 12th due in March.
    I know I should be in agony in wait of 'The Song Rising' but for the first time, I am happy that it is releasing later in the year otherwise I am pretty sure my mum wouldn't let me read when it came out and then I would definitely die of curiousness :P

    Just a general appreciation post and though I don't show it, I am super super excited for the upcoming book!
    Wish you a very happy new year and good luck for the release!

  4. Did Bloomsbury decide not to pick up the rest of the Bone Season after the third book?

    1. Bloomsbury are publishing the whole series. I have a seven-book contract.

  5. Good luck with your writing, Samantha ;-) I read the Bone season - the first book and really loving it. Looking forward to reading the next book soon:-)

  6. Hey Samantha,

    I like your New Years Resolution. I also shouldn't waste so much money on buying coffee, but I can't help myself. I am so addicted to it. ^^

    And I am so happy, that I found your blog today, because I didn't know, when your next book of the Bone Season, is going to be released. Now I am satisfied, that it isn't so long to wait. :D

    I hope it will be translated into the German Language very soon and if not, I will read it in Englisch! I am so excited. Your books a so beautiful and complex. :)

    And you are never to old to read YA!

    best wishes from Vienna,
    Sarah from B├╝chermops


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