World Book Day 2015

It’s World Book Day 2015! To celebrate, here are ten facts about the distribution of literature in the Scion Citadel of London.

  • In Scion, only books approved by the Minister for Arts are published. Most are thinly veiled propaganda with unnaturals as the antagonists.
  • In 1902, the Great Biblioclasm, or book-burning, took place in Paternoster Row, organised by the Marquess of Salisbury. Texts dealing with fantasy and the supernatural were burned.
  • A small number of texts and fragments were saved from the ashes and hidden in the library of the Spiritus Club, Grub Street, I-5.
  • The Spiritus Club soon became the citadel’s only publisher and keeper of illegal literature, including documents discussing clairvoyance.
  • Their most celebrated author is Jaxon Hall, also known as Obscure Writer or the White Binder, who wrote On the Merits of Unnaturalness, a groundbreaking and controversial pamphlet on clairvoyance. It was published in 2031.
  • Against the odds, the Spiritus Club continues to thrive, producing controversial, unique – and occasionally, downright terrible literature.
  • Other Spiritus Club bestsellers include Didion Waite’s Love at First Sight; or, the Seer’s Delight and The Mysteries of Jacob’s Island.
  • Mr Hall states that Mr Waite must have enough copies of his own work to cover England, as no sane person could it consider it well-written. Mr Waite vehemently disagrees.
  • A surprise bestseller in 2059 was the anonymously written The Rephaite Revelation, telling a most bizarre tale of monsters in Westminster.


  1. Good morning!

    Happy to see that you are well recovered and hit the ground running ...

    I am new to the blogging world: are we allowed to ask about your rationale when writing the first two books and/or the following books. For instance, I read somewhere that Book #3 would take place in Scotland; is this, indeed, a fact?

    Hoping for a swift and complete recovery,

    1. Yes, that's right! The whole book isn't set in Scotland, but a section takes place in Edinburgh.

    2. Splendid! They say Edinburgh is an architectural heaven -- I am really looking forward to your version of how it would have evolved. I gather from your investigative trip to Paris, we will see some of it as well ... Really exciting!

      Do you think you are going to continue writing from Paige's point of view? Even though we all adore Paige, it would be intriguing to, say, have a prequel from Jaxon's POV.

      All the best from sunny Texas!


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