Have You Seen Paige?


  1. Hi Samantha, I realy love the bone season and I can't wait to reed more. You are my favorite author!
    I have one question: Will this Paige from the book trailer will be alsow in the film?
    Thank you😻

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed ‘The Bone Season’. The book trailer has nothing to do with the film, so I don't think it's very likely that the same actress will play Paige.

  2. I have waited patiently all winter for Paige's journey to continue. I am currently rereading TBS so as to be freshly familiar with all of the characters and am delighted to say I'm enjoying it even better than the first time. Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed the occasional tidbits Miss Shannon has given us during this time leading up to the publication of TMO. It has been my lifeline this blue winter!!!


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