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The last refresher for The Mime Order is here! Although there is a recap of the Bone Season's story in the book – specifically in Chapter 2 – I decided not to remind the reader of every single character, so this guide is here to jog your memory. This doesn't cover all characters in the series so far, but it does cover some of the most important ones. 


Alive | Deceased | Unknown


Paige Mahoney: The narrator of the series. Also known as the Pale Dreamer or by her slave name, 40. She is the only known dreamwalker, with the power to enter other people's dreamscapes and take control of their bodies. Born in Ireland, Paige moved to England with her father and grew up in the Scion Citadel of London as a privileged daughter of a government employee. Since the age of sixteen, she has also worked for the infamous Jaxon Hall, mime-lord of I-4, as his mollisher (heir) in the criminal underworld of the citadel. After being captured by Scion and sent to the penal colony of Sheol I, she led a successful rebellion against the Rephaim along with Arcturus Mesarthim – her Rephaite keeper – and Julian Amesbury. Last seen getting on the train to London.

Jaxon Hall: Also known as the White Binder. The notorious mime-lord of I-4 and author of On the Merits of Unnaturalness, the controversial document that divided voyants into seven "orders". Paige's boss and leader of the Seven Seals. At the end of The Bone Season, Paige declares to him that she plans to leave the gang. Last seen getting on the train after helping rescue Paige.

Liss Rymore: Paige's friend in the penal colony of Sheol I, where she was principal performer. A skilled cartomancer (card-reader) from Scotland, she was the human charge of Gomeisa Sargas until he tired of her. Died at the end of The Bone Season at the hands of Gomeisa.

Julian Amesbury: Paige's friend in the penal colony of Sheol I, who worked with her closely to plan the rebellion. His clairvoyant type is unknown. Last seen during the rebellion.

Michael Wren: The loyal human servant of Arcturus Mesarthim. Michael was once a polyglot, but a traumatic event made him an unreadable, and he was treated as an amaurotic by most of the Rephaim. He helped orchestrate the rebellion. He chooses his words carefully.

Ivy: A palm-reader from London who was imprisoned alongside Paige in Sheol I. Over the course of their six-month detainment, she was repeatedly tortured by her keeper, Thuban Sargas.

Lotte, Charles, Ella, Felix, Nell: Bone Season XX survivors. Last seen getting on the train to London.

David: An enigmatic Bone Season prisoner who seemed to know too much about the colony and its workings.

Eliza Renton: One of Paige's best friends. Eliza has worked for Jaxon Hall since she was eighteen. She is an automatiste, or art medium, specialising in producing and selling mime-art. She stayed in London while the rest of the gang went to rescue Paige. Last seen in Paige's memories.

Nicklas "Nick" Nygård: Paige's best friend, whom she was once in love with. Originally from Sweden. Nick leads a double life as a Scion medical researcher and Jaxon Hall's oracle. He is in love with Zeke Sáenz. Last seen getting on the train after helping rescue Paige.

Nadine Arnett: A whisperer who works as a busker for Jaxon, originally from Québec. Half-sister of Zeke Sáenz. Last seen getting on the train after helping rescue Paige.

Ezekiel "Zeke" Sáenz: An unreadable who works for Jaxon, originally from Mexico. Half-brother of Nadine Arnett. Last seen getting on the train after helping rescue Paige.

Danica "Dani" Panić: Like Nick, Danica leads a double life: one as a Scion engineer, one as Jaxon Hall's inventor. She hails from the Scion Citadel of Belgrade, Serbia. Her clairvoyant type is unknown, but she is believed to be a kind of fury. Last seen getting on the train after helping rescue Paige.

Antoinette Carter: An Irish voyant who was once a famous TV personality before she went into hiding from Scion. Jaxon Hall attempted to meet with her in Trafalgar Square, but the meeting was interrupted by the Rephaim, who aimed to capture both Hall and Carter. Last seen in London. Status: unknown.

Haymarket Hector: Underlord of the Unnatural Assembly and the clairvoyant crime syndicate. He is the head of all mime-lords and mime-queens in London.

XVIII-39-7: A human from Bone Season XVIII who betrayed the plan of the "scarred ones" to Nashira in return for freedom.


Arcturus "Warden" Mesarthim: Arcturus was Warden of the Mesarthim family and blood-consort (fiancé) to Nashira Sargas until the end of The Bone Season. He was one of the "scarred ones", Rephaim who rebelled unsuccessfully against the Sargas family in the year 2039. He was Paige's keeper during Bone Season XX and helped her orchestrate the rebellion that led to her escape. Warden is an oneiromancer, or sleep-dealer, which allows him to relive other people's memories. He was last seen on the train station's platform after bidding farewell to Paige, saying that if she ever sees him again, it will mean that there's danger.

Terebellum "Terebell" Sheratan: Terebell is an ally of Arcturus and a member of the "scarred ones". She protected Paige in the penal colony when she was stealing supplies. She was last seen on Port Meadow.

Nashira Sargas: Nashira is blood-sovereign of the Rephaim and Suzerain of the British Isles and all of Scion's territories. She is the puppet master behind the Scion government. She was last seen in the Guildhall on the night the rebellion broke out, when she confronted Paige on the stage. Her clairvoyant type is unknown, but it allows her to bind multiple spirits called "fallen angels".

Gomeisa Sargas: The other blood-sovereign, Gomeisa Sargas, spends most of his time in London with the puppet government. He was last seen battling the traitor Rephaim in the Guildhall after murdering Liss Rymore, Paige's friend.

Kraz Sargas: The blood-heir of the Rephaim. Paige destroyed him using the pollen of the poppy anemone. Status: deceased.

Thuban Sargas: The most brutal of the Rephaim, Thuban was keeper to Ivy, whom he tortured and starved for most of her time with him. Now Kraz Sargas is gone, he is blood-heir of the Rephaim.

Alsafi Sualocin
: One of Nashira's trusted Rephaim, revealed at the end of The Bone Season to be an ally of the "scarred ones".

Pleione Sualocin: An ally of the "scarred ones". Last seen during the rebellion.


Frank Weaver: Grand Inquisitor of the Scion Citadel of London, leader of Scion's empire. In reality, he is no more than a puppet for the Rephaim.

Sebastian "Seb" Pearce: From a privileged family, Seb was captured by Scion for unknown reasons and sent to the penal colony along with Paige and her fellow voyants. He was murdered by Nashira Sargas after Paige refused to harm him with her spirit.

Colin Mahoney: Paige's father. He originally worked as a forensic pathologist in Ireland before he was conscripted to work for SciSORS (Scion: Special Organisation for Research and Science). He currently lives in an apartment in the Barbican, I-5. As far as Paige knows, he is unaware of her clairvoyance.


  1. I love Warden. He is one of my favorite characters in your first book :) Looking forward to your next book :)

  2. The warden is also my favorite character I really think I secretly speed read to get to the parts where he talks to paige. I will probably stroke out the entire time he is left out off the books since he was left in Sheol. If he dies I have no idea how I would continue reading. I would have to do a real grieving. This is an awesome character list. I just book marked it on my phone. I will print it later. Thank you for responding to your fans. You have already responded to one of my tweets let it be known I had a mini heart attack during that moment. I'm so happy for you congrats.


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