Crash Course III

 A brief history of the republic

Welcome back to Crash Course, where I summarise the parts of The Bone Season's world and history to help you get back into the swing of it before The Mime Order. This week I'm taking you on a little tour through Scion's history by means of a handy timeline.

Note: Bear in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive history of the series. It only covers what has already been discussed in The Bone Season, with some extra detail given where necessary. More history will be covered in the next six books. 

Alert: if you haven't read the first book, watch out for spoilers below. 


Scion is the official name for a system of government that has been implemented throughout nine European countries. Its policies revolve around the control and punishment of so-called "unnatural" individuals. Its symbol is the anchor. Countries under Scion rule are said to be under the anchor, while countries threatened by it are in the shadow of the anchor. It was first used in 1901, when the Republic of England was founded after the fall of the monarchy, but was not named Scion until 1929. 

All Scion countries have at least one citadel, which is styled as "the Scion Citadel of [Name]". The ruling citadel of Scion's empire is the Scion Citadel of London, England. Some countries which do not use the Scion system, mostly those which were part of the British Empire, have a small Scion presence via outposts and are considered part of its wider empire. Countries outside Scion's influence are known on the streets as the "free world". The anthem of Scion England is Anchored to Thee, O Scion.

While it professes to be a republic, Scion is, unbeknownst to the rest of the globe, a puppet government for the Rephaim, who rule from the penal colony of Oxford. The secret relationship between Scion and the Rephaim is formally called a suzerainty. Countries are allowed some self-rule, but always report to the dominant entity, the Suzerain (Nashira Sargas). 

Scion governments are headed by a Grand Inquisitor. Each citadel's security is looked after by a Chief of Vigilance, while news is given to the population via ScionEye by the Grand Racounteur and his or her reporters, known as "little raconteurs". Its military arm, ScionIDE, is controlled by the Grand Commander.


1859: The Rephaim arrive in the corporeal world when the ethereal threshold reaches its highest ever point. They persuade Lord Palmerston, the British Prime Minister, that he needs to hand control of the country to them in order to prevent an invasion by the Emim. Palmerston does, but the rest of the country has no idea that this has happened. Life appears to continue as normal. The Rephaim reach an agreement with Palmerston that they will occupy the city of Oxford. A secret military unit is deployed to clear the city. The first Bone Season begins.

1888: Jack the Ripper's reign of terror begins in August and ends in November, leaving chaos in its wake. Whitechapel's H Division is unable to identify the murderer.

1901: Queen Victoria dies. This is the beginning of the end for the monarchy. At his coronation, her son, Edward, is accused of being Jack the Ripper after "evidence" of his involvement is found in his quarters. Within days, the hysteria and rage on the streets forces Edward and the rest of the monarchy (and many members of the aristocracy) to flee for their lives. Edward will for ever be known as the Bloody King, or "fallen prince". A Republic of England is founded, led by the Marquess of Salisbury, who declares an overriding mission for his new government: the destruction of "unnaturals" like Edward. This mission is justified by the fact that Edward supposedly summoned evil spirits to perform the murders.

1929: After decades of preparation, the Scion Citadel of London is declared open on 29th November by the first Grand Inquisitor, Ramsay MacDonald. This is the first time the word "Scion" has been used in public. The republic is renamed the Republic of Scion England. This day continues to be marked with the annual celebration of Novembertide. Bone Season VII begins.

2039: Bone Season XVIII begins. Arcturus Mesarthim and his followers launch their first rebellion against the Sargas family. They are betrayed by XVIII-39-7. All humans involved in the rebellion are killed, while several of the Rephaim involved are tortured.

2040: Paige Mahoney is born in January.

2045: Ethereal batteries are invented. Scion turns its attention to creating Radiesthesic Detection Technology (RDT), a more efficient means by which clairvoyance can be detected. 

2046: The Molly Riots begin in Ireland. Its epicentre is Dublin, where an enormous protest, organised by students and staff at Trinity College, meets the first Scion soldiers on the banks of the Liffey. The protest swiftly turns violent when Scion turns its weapons on the crowd. This day becomes known as "the Incursion". The student leaders, including Paige's beloved cousin Finn McCarthy, are sentenced to hang at Carrickfergus.

2047: After a long, bloody struggle, the north of Ireland surrenders to Scion, and it is agreed that Scion Belfast will be established at the end of the year. The south continues to fight for some time, and its people face brutal suppression. 

2048: In Ireland, Colin Mahoney is conscripted by Scion under "special circumstances". He and his daughter relocate to London.

2049: Bone Season XIX begins. A large number of humans are gathered to replace those lost in the rebellion. Among the captives is Liss Rymore.

2059: The first RDT Senshield prototype, which can supposedly detect aura at up to twenty feet, is trialled at the Paddington Terminal complex. Bone Season XX begins. Paige Mahoney is captured in March, and the events of The Bone Season begin.


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