A note on ARCs

So I just got word from my publisher that ARCs of The Mime Order should be available in early September, which is exciting. But what is an ARC, and how do you get one? 

An ARC (Advance Reading Copy), also known as a proof or a galley, is an early, uncorrected version of a book that goes out before publication to spread the word about it. This version of the book has generally been seen by a copy editor, but not by a proofreader, so there may still be continuity or typographical errors, which you are politely asked to overlook.

It is illegal to buy or sell an ARC before the book’s official publication date you won’t see them in bookshops, and you shouldn’t see them online and publishers request that reviewers don’t quote directly from it, as the book may still change before the finished version goes to press. I get three weeks to make any last tweaks to the book after the proof pages are made up. 

You may receive a physical or digital ARC.

ARCs are sent out at the discretion of the publishing house. I’m not responsible for deciding who gets them the author receives a very small number of copies. They usually go out to press, booksellers, book bloggers, fan sites, and so on. Sometimes there will be a requirement set by the publisher, e.g. a certain number of page views on a blog, which will be looked at before a decision is made.

ARCs won’t always be available in foreign territories, as the publishing date for translations tends to be later and not all publishing houses make proofs. Bloomsbury publishes me in the UK, USA, Australia and India, so you’re most likely to get one in one of those territories.

You should be able to request an ARC on NetGalley or Edelweiss (I’ll post links as soon as they’re up). Depending on the number of ARCs I get, I’ll also be hosting a giveaway on this blog. Samplers are currently available to request here, but due to territory rights, you’ll probably be declined if you’re outside the USA.

I hope that’s helpful!



  1. Hey Samantha,
    I am just so excited to get my hands on one of those ARC's you are telling me about!
    In fact I also asked my local bookseller (the Midland Bookshop in New Delhi) but h told me to get back to him by Monday.
    I don't think you would remember me but I was the girl who first came to get my copy of The Bone Season autographed when you came to St. Mary's School. Is it possible if I could get an autograph on the Mime Order too :)
    Ritika, New Delhi

  2. When will the ARC be available to request, and how do I go about doing so? I am so excited to read it!

    1. 1st October. I've never requested anything on there myself, but I presume you just go to NetGalley.com and follow the instructions there.


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