Good morning!

Thank you all so much for your wonderfully positive feedback for The Mime Order. I'm about halfway through my first edit of the manuscript; I'm hoping to have it finished by mid-March at the latest.

Several new translations of The Bone Season have now come through, so to celebrate the sequel's title reveal, I'm offering you guys the chance to win some copies. Each one will be signed and stamped with the Scion symbol. There's also a T-shirt and a signed poster up for grabs. 

1. A signed, personalised Portuguese paperback. Two winners.
2. A signed
, personalised Hebrew paperback. Two winners.
3. A signed
, personalised German hardback. Two winners.
4. A signed
, personalised Greek paperback. Two winners.
5. A signed
, personalised Polish paperback. Two winners.
6. A signed
, personalised Hungarian paperback. Two winners.
7. A signed
, personalised Norwegian paperback. One winner.
8. A red Bone Season T-shirt. One winner. 
9. Signed "Even a Dreamer" poster. One winner. 
10. A signed, personalised Italian hardback. Three winners.

Please take note of which language each prize is in – last time I had a few people win, only to realise that they wouldn't be able to read the book in the language they'd selected and turn it down. (Of course, if you don't mind not being able to read it and still want it for your personal collection, that's fine, too.) As with the last giveaway, if you win a signed copy in any language, you agree to have it personalised with a name. 

This is an international giveaway. I handle all postage myself, but I can't take responsibility if any prizes are lost in the post. 

This giveaway finishes on 2 April 2014. 



  1. Are you allowed to only enter once?

  2. I believe I did a mistake writing wrong Twitterusername at some of the entries..

    Thumb up for super give-aways : )

  3. Thanks for allowing us in on the excitement! Good luck with the edits.

  4. Love the "scraps"!!!! Hope I win one, lol!!! I love that you truly care about your fans.

  5. i hope i get it!!! finally a second chance !!

  6. Congratulations again on THE MIME ORDER, Samantha! I'm seriously psyched to read it and find out what happens to Paige and Warden.

  7. Thanks so much for doing another giveaway, if I win the t-shirt I plan on wearing it to Comic Con in my city :D. Keeping writing!

  8. I was pretty much weaned on science fiction and fantasy and can hardly wait for your next novel. I am an English teacher and a critic. I'm weary of repetitive, unimaginative, doomsday fantasy. You still believe that your readers can think! Thank you!

  9. I cannot wait until The Mime Order. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

  10. Noo i missed it. I hope you do another one in the future!

    You are a really talented writer. I love the world you created. I seriously can't wait for the Mime Order.

    Have a nice day :)

  11. OMG, so happy!!! *--*


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