A lot has happened in the last few weeks.

First of all, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Twentieth Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment have acquired The Bone Season from the Imaginarium, and we now have four producers: Andy Serkis, Jonathan Cavendish, Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping. This doesn't necessarily mean the film will be made – a lot can happen on the road to production (which sounds like Hollywood's version of the road to Mordor) – but it does mean that we now have studio backing, which is incredibly exciting and a very good sign. You can read the full article here

Second, I'm finally doing a book tour in Australia and New Zealand! I'm flying out the day after my birthday, on 9 November. I've had a huge amount of support from both Aussies and Kiwis since my deal was announced, so I'm delighted to be doing a book tour there at last. I'll be stopping at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland - more details about events to follow. I have no doubt that if you see me in Sydney I'll be half-deranged with jetlag, but I'll fill my blood with coffee. 

And finally, I'm happy to report that I've now written 50K words of sequel. I think I should hit my target finish date of February 2014 at this rate.


Since publication I've had a lot of book-related news to share with you guys, but I'm also aware that I haven't been discussing as many general literary "hot topics" as usual. I want to get the blog back on track while I'm writing The Bone Season's sequel, so here's some subjects I'm planning to cover over the next few weeks.

  • Happy endings: do we always want them? 
  • The strong/weak heroine dichotomy 
  • Writing Book 2 and how it differs from Book 1
  • How words affect perception 

If you have anything you'd like me to write about – whether it's related to publishing, writing, or literature in general – then please feel free to leave ideas in the comments section.  

In preparation for Book 2, I'm also going to be doing a Crash Course series for The Bone Season once I've finished my first draft. In these posts, I'll be explaining parts of the book in more detail to help you grasp the concepts more fully, e.g. how Paige's gift works. If you were confused about anything in the book, let me know and I'll schedule a Crash Course post for you. Bear in mind that things that haven't yet been explained won't be covered, e.g. why the Rephaim wear gloves – those subjects will be covered in the sequels. Crash Course is just to help you get to grips with things that have already been talked about. Here's what I've got scheduled so far: 
  • Spirit types and combat
  • Dreamscapes: History and layout 
  • Dreamwalking and how it works
  • Scion: A brief history of the republic

See you next week!


  1. How exciting for you going to Aus (my home country!) and NZ. Have you ever flown that far before? I've found the best way to deal with the jetlag is to not go to bed before 6 or 7pm (you've got to keep busy though) and when you wake up at 3am, wide eyed and alert, stay in bed, force yourself to go back to sleep, even if it's just dozing. Then get up at 5 or 6am. Gradually, you'll be getting up later.

    Congrats on finding producers! Awesome news for us fans. As for the hot topic I'd be really interested to know how writing book 2 differs from the 1st. Are you allowed a higher word count? Do you follow the same routine or formula that you had for writing book 1?

  2. I'm really looking forward to the history and dreamwalking info. Feel free to appease my imagination with more on spirit painting forgeries.

  3. Sounds exciting! Ur bday is right around mine ;)
    If you have any time, I'd be interested to hear your scope on 'pacing' in book writing. It's something I've always been a little confused on, i.e.,knowing when to draw things out or when to pick up the pace in a story..thanks!!

  4. I would love a blog post describing the art of writing dialogues, about creating distinct, believable character voices and your personal approach to it.

  5. Hi Samantha,

    Great news about 20th Century Fox. Let's hope the film comes to fruition - soon!

    Great word count on the 2nd book. Other commitments may get in the way of your deadline, but I'm sure you will be close.

    Your Queensland fans might be a bit miffed they will be missing out on you. I lived in Brisbane for almost 18 years. I came back to England in 2009, but we have never settled and I can't wait to return to Brisbane. Climate is great - people always smiling. Sad to say, but Britain is not a well-run country. People are being priced out of existence here - mostly due to greed and exorbitant taxes.

    I have been to NZ twice. It is a beautiful country. I found there a little too slow. But the scenery - on both North and South Island - is breathtaking and the people are lovely.

    The new Booker Prize Winner, Eleanor Catton, comes from NZ - Auckland. She is the youngest (25) winner of the award. I have bought her book, The Luminaries, which I have only blurbed. Too busy writing to read presently. Eleanor is an exceptional writer. I will be buying all her books, as I will your own. Eleanor went to the famous Iowa Writers Workshop and came away with an MFA. A great deal of talent has walked through its hallowed halls.

    I would appreciate it if you would provide a little more insight on the editing process once your MS reaches the publisher. I ask this because I am a writer who goes to great pains. I know I should get the story out first. But I have a fear of not writing to the best of my ability - all of the time. I don't like to just dump. It's an OCD I know I will get over when I get to understand the editing process better.

    I hope to have my book completed in time for my birthday (March) and then it's fingers crossed.

    Enjoy your trip to the Southern Hemisphere. It's a long journey, but you will love it, especially the weather.

    Back to writing.

    Thanks & best wishes to you.


  6. Hi Samantha,

    Oops! I just noticed my errors in the reply I sent you to your good news. If you wish to correct the errors relating to Eleanor Catton accordingly, it should read thus:

    'The new Booker Prize Winner, Eleanor Catton lives in Auckland, NZ'. (She was actually born in Canada and her parents moved to NZ when she was six.)


    'She is the youngest (28) winner of the award.' (Got her age wrong.)

    My apologies for the errors. I promise to revise future replies to your news articles. I don't wish to muddy your great blog site with errors. I also have an OCD about getting even the tiniest things wrong.

    Please remember to let me know when the ARCs for the second Bone Season come out. I so want to be in with a chance of getting one.

    My thanks & best wishes to you.


  7. Could you do a blog post that discusses co-authoring a book and maybe what publishers think about it?

    1. I'm not sure I'm the best author to ask about that, as I've never co-authored a book. Perhaps try Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures) or Sara Elfgren and Mats Strandberg (The Circle)?

  8. SQUEE on Fox!!! I was so excited for you when I read the release :) Congratulations!

    I'm so excited that you're going to be coming to Australia!! Yay for me :P. I'd LOVE to see you while you're here, but I'm in North Queensland. Do you know the exact dates and times yet? If I can find the money for an air fare, I will :)

  9. As always, you are AMAZING Samantha! Congratulations on 20th Century Fox and the producers, congratulations on going on tour in Australia and congratulations on the progress on book two. I can't wait to read your upcoming posts!

  10. Congratulations for having 20CFox ! I'm looking forward to see the movie!

  11. Hi Samantha congratulations on everything, sounds crazy! I saw that you're going to Supanova Expo in Adelaide, and was wondering if you might be signing copies of your book (if I was to bring in my copy?).

  12. Hi Samantha,

    I've been following your blog ever since seeing you at the Edinburg Book Festival in August (the moderator falling of his chair was my personal festival highlight ;)); I was just wondering whether you could do a post on press/book tours some time -- what's the difference? What you've been doing have been press tours, right? And your trip to OZ is now a book tour? Do you get paid to do these things (this may sound naive, but I honestly don't know)? I think marketing in general is a really interesting aspect of publishing; could you give us any insights into that? How much do you have to do with the marketing department of Bloomsbury/your foreign rights publishers etc.?
    Just if you find the time. :)

    Enjoy your time in OZ, they are both absolutely stunning, friendly countries!

    1. Hi Chrisse,

      Press and book tours can blend – I'm doing both media and bookshop events while I'm in Australia. Up until now I've mostly been doing European and American press, but I'm starting to do more bookshop events now 'The Bone Season' has been out for a while. You don't get paid to do book tours but you do have your expenses covered.

      I'll try and talk more about marketing in a later post. It's essentially down to the relevant department in the publishing house, but I've been able to make some contributions, e.g. approving the blurb.

      I'm already enjoying Australia! It's gorgeous.


  13. Hi Samantha,

    I love your book! I'm about half way through and can't put it down! However, I would love to know about the history of the republic and if there are any events that tie in with actual historic events or if it is completely fictitious.

    1. Hi Lori,

      I'll explain as much as I can without spoilers about the history of Scion. Glad you're enjoying the book!

  14. Hi Samantha!

    I hope you had an amazing time while in Oz! Did you have time for some sightseeing, or to cuddle a Koala, or try Vegemite, or stock up on TimTams?

    I'm sad that my copy of TBS and I weren't able to meet you in person, especially since you were using different gel pens for different auras. Love that :). I was too sick to travel from my Lyme disease treatment this time, but maybe next time! :).

    Safe travels and happy writing!


    1. I had a great time! I did a little bit of sightseeing and cuddled a koala and fed kangaroos. It was lovely.

      Sorry you were too sick to travel! Hope you're feeling better. I'm sure I'll be back in Australia at some point.

    2. Thanks, Samantha! Hopefully, I'll get to see you next time :).

      I'm so glad you had time to do some sightseeing! I loved the pic of you with the Kangaroos :).

      I hope book two is going great! Happy writing :)

  15. Hi!!! so i finished your book about a month ago and i LOVED IT. absolutely loved it. i cannot wait for the sequel. lucky for my, if you reach your target date, it will be out in the month of my birthday!(: anyways! i just wanted to say really quick, i love happy endings. i noticed that was an area of question in your blog post. happy endings, in my opinion are the best haha(x ALSO the reason why i was looking to message you in some way, is because i found this song that every time i hear it, makes me think of your book. there are many MANY references to your book in the piece. i would love it if you listened to it and realized how perfect it is!(: its called Demons by Imagine Dragons. maybe youve heard it(: okay so i know soon a movie is going to be made from your book (beyond excited) and, i dont know, maybe you might want to use the song in it(:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK! i loved it. every bit of it. your writing style, plot, characters, the way your story moves quickly, and everything.

    your happy fan,

  16. Soooo, I know you're ridiculously busy and all, but you didn't provide 'more details' on this website about your Australian tour ... so I missed out on a) meeting you while you were here and b) asking you to sign my book. Sigh. Disappointed is an understatement!


    1. Sorry about that! I put up the dates several times on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and it completely slipped my mind to update everything on here as well. I'll make sure that I update things on here in the future. And I hope to be back in Australia at some point.

  17. I know this doesn't necessarily mean the film will be made, but at least things are moving in the right direction. Finger crossed everything works out :-)

  18. Just finished reading the novel; thoroughly enjoyed it and so happy to hear that there might even be a movie made of it. I've been thinking Saoirse Ronan could play the role of Paige! Perfect.


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