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Just a quick update: I did a whole day of stock signing in London yesterday, so if you're looking for a signed copy of The Bone Season, you're in luck! Details of all the places I signed are below.

Note: We're now into our third print run of The Bone Season, but if you're a collector and particularly want a first edition, there are still some mixed in among the stock I signed. I've starred the name of the bookshop if I signed at least one first edition book. I didn't check the edition in all of them, so it's always worth asking when you call!


Waterstones Covent Garden | 0843 290 8255
Waterstones Islington* | 0843 290 8411
Waterstones Notting Hill Gate* | 0843 290 8523
Waterstones King's Road* | 0843 290 8423
Waterstones High Street Kensington* | 0843 290 8419 
Waterstones Oxford Street | 0843 290 8541
Waterstones Oxford Street Plaza | 0843 290 8539
Waterstones Piccadilly | 020 7851 2400
Waterstones Trafalgar Square | 0843 290 8651
Waterstones Uxbridge | 0843 290 8663


Blackwell's Charing Cross Road | 020 7292 5100
Forbidden Planet | 020 7420 3666
Foyles Charing Cross Road* | 020 7437 5660
Hatchards | 020 7439 9921
Selfridges, London | 0207 318 3678
Watermark Books | 0207 713 7903

Upcoming events

On Monday 9 September I'm going to be in Amsterdam, Netherlands to promote The Bone Season and its Dutch translation, Het bottenseizoen. I will be signing at Polare at 4pm and will be in the store until about 6pm. Please do come along if you're in the area!


  1. I hope you have a great time in Amsterdam. Safe travels!

  2. Quite keen to read your book when it comes out in SA. How many hours per day did you write though, what with school and all?

  3. Hi, I have read most of the posts from your blog.My impression is that u r a good writer ,and your book(yet I have to read) is certainly a treat for book lovers,I believe. Here,in India,I could not find it in book stores. But ok,I will buy it online.

    1. Hi Vishal – it should definitely be available in book stores in India. Sorry you weren't able to find it!

  4. No more signed first editions left in the bookstores you starred you know where any more signed first editions may be hiding? Would really love a first ed.

    Liv, in America

    1. Hi Liv,

      It's worth checking at all of them – those are just the ones where I distinctly remember signing 1st editions.


    2. Thanks, and good luck on your book tour


    3. First editions still seem available from Barnes and Noble in America. I was buying a book this morning and had a look. The Midwest needs to read more.

    4. Maybe they just don't like strange urban fantasy about clairvoyants... but good to know there's still some firsts available in the States!

  5. My copy of The Bone Season arrived today :) I'm so excited!

  6. I work in the library stateside and have been recommending this left and right. An absolutely astounding first look into this world. We have authors visit fairly often(I assume because of the age of the library) and I can only hope you visit someday.


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