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  1. Ok then let the HPs magic wand sway at you and saying "Extremius publishiyus!" ;)

  2. Congrats on your release, Samantha! :) I'm very excited and can't wait to read The Bone Season.

  3. Exciting!!!
    I wouldn't care about grooming either if my book was about to be officially published :-D
    Look forward to reading it! How inspiring it has been to follow your blog. I'm so glad I picked up that edition of Forbes 2 months ago and discovered you ;-)
    Best wishes xx

  4. Congratulations on your debut! Already have my copy :-)

  5. It has to be a big thank you to you for sharing this with us all. I'm so enjoying the book, it has pulled me in right up to the hilt and I'm loving every desperate minute.

    On to book 2 then - hoping there will be a blog for that one as well!!


  6. We just found you. Love the creative drive and energy we're seeing. Wish you the very best of luck in your budding career! Dream big, sister. - Dream Seekers Productions (

  7. Congratulations! Here's the CNN article:

  8. Congratulations :) I read about you on CNN website today and came here to check! I'm curious to read your books! Probably gonna try them when they get released here in Brazil~ ;)

  9. Great story! Love your heroine, looking forward to her developement

  10. I'll start by saying it's slightly weird to not notice a little counter ticking down anymore after seeing it for so long. But that just means that the time has finally arrived! Congrats, you made it!

    Watched your interview on The Today Show, it was good, and it looks like your book is well on its way to becoming huge. Looking forward to reading it as soon as I can get a copy. Definitely pumped!

  11. I can remember when the countdown said four hundred days, also. ;) Finally stormed into Waterstones on the twentieth and finished it late last night. I am still reeling from reading it and am in complete awe of what you've created. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing this 'journey to publication' with us.

  12. I just finished your book and I wanted to tell you how much I love it! The characters are so fascinating and the world is very different and exciting to be in. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the world and learning more about the rest of the Seven Seals in the next books.

    Now I will start reading “Pride and Prejudice” while I’m patiently waiting for your next book.

    I hope you have a great day! Greetings from a fan in Denmark :)


    I wondered about a thing: Every time you wrote the word "æther" and the name "Nygård", did you copy and paste the æ and å, or do you have a keyboard with those letters? We have them in the Danish alphabet, but I don't think they are on an English keyboard? :)

  13. Hi Samantha, I've just finished 'The Bone Season' and absolutely loved it! There were so many times where, if I had to break at the end of a chapter, then I'd rush through whatever else I had to do just to get back to reading. Thank you so much for creating such an incredible world and characters, especially Warden. Now I just have to find a way to deal with waiting until the next book! (Also thank you for keeping up with your numerous blogs, they're fantastic to read also!)

  14. Congratulations!!! Let the awesomeness begin! I hope it takes off FAST!

    *My copy has shipped & I will read it in a couple of weeks hopefully.

  15. P.S. I just wanted to say how proud and extremely happy I am for you. You deserve it 100%.

    It is a feat for someone so young to succeed. You have so much good to do from where you stand, so much to shape and influence! It is just beyond words...

    I just would like to wish you much happiness to be had and to treasure it as a precious blessing, which it is. It is a rare thing. Never, never take it for granted! I understand... because my situation currently is the complete reverse of yours and it makes me realize just how truly fortunate you have been in life. In this way I am jealous of your success, but not to the point of being blinded. Also, after having been through many hellish moments in the past 2 years and as of late, you give me also...hope. Hope that one can still succeed in this world despite the many failures and prejudices and shine as one deserves and to live the dream!!! I thank you for giving me that hope and reason to continue believing. This is why I feel so keenly you must NOT take it all for granted and treasure it! Please, understand this.

    And another thing I must say:

    Also, if I ever offended you in any way, I am sorry. I have not been a very good friend to you.

  16. Samantha,
    Saw your profile on CNN's web page. Congratulations! I am always trying to scoop my friends on "the next big thing"...I am sure it is The Bone Season! I'm currently reading "A Feast for Crows". Martin is my first fantasy series- amazing, but I better finish soon though, so I can start yours! Now we shall hit the bookstores, hoping it is available in Canada.
    Well done, Bob in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  17. The Bone Season is amazing, Samantha! Your worldbuilding has blown my mind - I can see why you're being plagued by JK Rowling comparisons :D.

    I know that you say no manuscript is perfect, but I loved every word of The Bone Season, and I can't wait to read book two!

    Happy writing and may TBS reach #1 in all the charts!


    P.S. I'm so thrilled about your Gramophone. Who knew they made one that played iPod music?!

  18. CONGRATULATIONS SAMANTHA! I'm so happy for you about The Bone Season. It was an amazing book, and I can't wait to read the next one <3

  19. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!

    I actually just started reading it last night, and I have to say that it's really cool! I can't wait to see where this adventure will take us! :)

  20. I am so pleased People covered your book, otherwise I might not have found it. It took me two days to read, and already, I've gifted it to my family and husband, pushing them to share this with me; I need someone to discuss it with!
    You are an amazing author with a loquacious and elegant gift for transforming the imagination with words. Thank you for the journey, and I look forward to when it continues (I should be happy - seven books! But that means I have a long way to go before I know what happens to Paige)!
    Rachel @alexmourning

  21. Congratulations, Samantha I just go finished with the book, it was at first a bit hard to follow but I remembered your interview on the Today Show NYC where your advice was to stick with it because the begining might be a bit confusing and you were right, but by the 3rd chapter I could not put my tablet away. I wanted to cry at the end because Warden didn't go with you. More so because I felt that book 2 should be waiting to be bought so that I could continue following the quest for freedom. So hurry with book 2 and in the meantime I will reread to gain a further understanding of this mesmerizing story. Thank You :)


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