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I'm delighted to announce that The Bone Season has now sold in Polish to Wydawnictwo SQN and Turkish to Pegasus Yayincilik.

The cover reveal date has been confirmed by Bloomsbury as 31 January. I'll let you know as soon as I know how and when exactly on that day it will be revealed. I'm so looking forward to letting you all see it! 


Going into a seven-book series, there must be many things by the end that will not line up with foreshadowing and such early on in the series. This may seem odd considering you've just edited your first novel, but how much do you think six books ahead in terms of inconsistencies? (DWD Johnson)

This is a really interesting question. An unspoken rule in publishing is that when an unknown author hands in a manuscript, they should hand in a complete book – i.e. a book that can stand alone – with the potential of sequels. This makes foreshadowing tricky when you first sit down to write a novel. I added in quite a lot of my foreshadowing during the editing process of The Bone Season, interweaving it with the original manuscript. I did have some foreshadowing in the first version, but it wasn't overt. Now I'm getting published, I can think further ahead and plant a few more seeds. There are hints in Book 1 for books as far away as the seventh. I hope there won't be too many inconsistencies in the series 
 I'm really picky with details and I like everything to flow together nicely. Some of my foreshadowing is based on character duplicity and unreliability, so watch out when characters explain things in the books: they may be right, or wrong, or lying.

How detailed were your notebook drafts when you started? (Tyler Wahl) 

When I first got the idea for The Bone Season I wrote a two-page synopsis – the basic premise of the novel – and went on to plan the first five chapters in short. I wrote some fragments based on the chapter summaries: scenes that were particularly vivid in my mind, scenes I wanted to get down before I forgot them. I jotted down some dialogue, scene ideas and character descriptions and started to classify various clairvoyant types. After my internship I typed up what I'd drafted and started to work in manuscript format. Notebooks are always useful, but I hold most of my ideas in my head – I only really use notebooks when I think I might forget something (like when I'm nearly asleep and suddenly have an idea). Having said that, I do plan to start writing down my ideas for future books in a notebook soon. I have the ideas but I need to slot them all together. I find it easier to turn the ingredients of a story into a coherent narrative if I can actually 'see' them.

More questions welcome, as always.


  1. Icelandic, cool! Hopefully The bone season will be sold to Finland soon! ;) And the cover, I'm so excited about seeing it that soon!

    1. We're creeping closer to Finland... hopefully soon!

  2. Can't wait for the cover reveal, really looking forward to it!

    Good Q & A this week, I enjoy planning and plotting topics, I think it's a part of writing that's as important as the physical words on the page. I too find myself keeping a lot of ideas in my head, so much so I think I neglect my notebook a bit too much...

    Good blog yesterday as well, calls attention to a little talked about issue. Sorry to hear about HMV though.

    1. Not long to cover reveal now! And it is very important to plan... just not to over-plan so much you don't actually write...

      And yes, very sad about HMV. Apparently GAME wants to buy some of their outlets.


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