The Hobbit and the Grail

My three-week writing break ended a few days ago, so I'm back to scribbling. I couldn't be more relieved. Taking a break was much harder work than I expected – writing is so much a part of my life and my routine, I hardly knew what to do with myself at first – but it gave me a chance to get some much-needed sleep, and, after several months, read a book for pleasure. The book was Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, which was given to me as a Secret Santa gift. The blurb had a Da Vinci Code vibe – it's a Grail quest – but I liked the idea of a story set in both 1209 and 2005. The book follows two women: seventeen year-old Alaïs Pelletier, whose quiet life in Languedoc is torn apart the Albigensian Crusade, and Dr Alice Tanner, an assistant on an archaelogical dig. When Alice discovers two skeletons in a cave in the French Pyrénées, their stories come together. I found the plot very compelling – certainly more clearly researched than The Da Vinci Code. You can tell that Kate Mosse is really passionate about her subject. It's a little slow at the beginning, but worth it for the ending – it gave me chills. A good winter read if you want a page-turner.      

I've got a really exciting week coming up: I've been invited to a screening of The Hobbit with the Imaginarium team in London, with an introduction by Andy Serkis. I've been looking forward to this film all year and I can't really believe I'll be seeing it with one of the actors. After the screening I'm going straight to Paris for the weekend to do research for one of the next Bone Season books. I'm not back until Monday evening so my blog will be a day late again. I haven't been to France since I was about nine, and never to the City of Light, so it should be a great weekend. Any recommendations for things to see or do? 


The Bone Season has sold in Italian to Adriano Salani Editore.

I've had word from Bloomsbury that the cover release may have been pushed to January – not sure yet but I should know before Christmas. I know it's been a long wait, guys, but in a way I think it makes sense to have the release in 2013. I'll let you know ASAP once I have an exact date. We're nearly there!

While you wait: if you want to take a closer look at The Imaginarium Studios, which holds film rights to The Bone Season, you can have a peek in this video with Andy Serkis.


  • Is the title of the first book going to just be The Bone Season and then the rest of them will be formatted The Bone Season: Book 2? (Tyler Wahl) 

    It won't be formatted like that on the cover, but from my discussions with Bloomsbury, I believe the titles will be rendered The Bone Season: [Book Name] from the second book onward. We'll be thinking about this more as we head towards production of the second book, which should be in 2015. I don't know whether or not this will actually be printed on the books in English, i.e. on the inside pages. It definitely won't be on the cover – the design just wouldn't work with two titles, and I think it would look two cluttered. How the titles are rendered will be different for different translations.


  1. Woo, Paris! So excited for our trip! :D

  2. I wish I could say I was going " Paris for the weekend"! Have fun in the City of Light!

  3. Good luck with your research for TBS in Paris.

    For Thai,---------- ขอแสดงความยินดีด้วย (kaw sadeng kwam yin dee duay)

    Italy, ----------- Congratulazioni!

    1. I love Thai, the characters are amazing. Thanks!

  4. Nooooo! I want the cover nowwww. Cue sulking ;-).

    If you need someone to sit in for you for the Hobbit screening or the Paris trip, I'm available. Just saying.

    Have a great time!

    1. Or a stunt double. Wouldn't want you getting hurt.

  5. How tight were your plans for the sequels to the Bone Season, and did the plans have to change much as a result of edits made to the Bone Season?


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