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So the edits are finished! At last. When I say "finished", I mean 99% finished. I was up for 20 straight hours between Thursday and Friday, but it was worth it. I will be looking through the MS a few more times to check that everything looks okay, and I'm going to talk to Alexa tomorrow so we can make sure it's ready to go to production. 

I'm really excited about the next stage. This is where the book actually becomes a book. Bloomsbury has some amazing plans for the hardback copy of The Bone Season, which I think is going to be really beautiful. Speaking of which, the cover will definitely be released soon! I'll see if I can get an idea of the date when I visit the team tomorrow.    

I'm afraid it's another short entry this week – I'm still really busy with coursework and Christmas things at college, so I'm going to save my big blog on editing the week after next (Sunday 2 December), when term is finished and everything is wrapped up.

  • Do you think you'll be relieved to finally put it behind you? (Melissa)

    I have mixed feelings about finishing the edits. I think I could edit the book forever, like I did with Aurora, but there comes a point where you have to let a novel go and make its own way in the world. T
    he Bone Season is a book that will never truly be finished, but I think there's a point at which you have to force yourself to stop editing, because you could play with dialogue and scenes until the end of time. I've edited it about six times overall. I want it to be the absolute best it can be by the time it gets to you. It's very nerve-racking to send your work out to be read and reviewed. Wonderful, but nerve-racking. I know I'll read the finished copy and think there are things I could have done better, things I could have phrased differently, but overall I'm very pleased with the final MS. It's improved a lot since I first gave it to my agent. I'm really excited about the proofs being made up.   

  • When will you begin to write the next book in the series? (Melissa)

    Already started! I've written about 50K words of the sequel. I'm not going to write any more until after I graduate in August 2013, as I need to concentrate on my exams  – and then on The Bone Season coming out – but I have a good foundation to work on. 

  • Have any of the publishing companies mentioned whether or not the title will change when published in other languages? (DWD Johnson) 

    Not yet. My foreign publishers haven't been able to start the translations, as the edits have taken a little longer than expected. Once it's all ready to go, my agent will be able to send the MS off to them. It'll be interesting to see how they translate the title, as The Bone Season has two meanings in English. I'm really looking forward to working with translators, and so pleased that so many people will be able to read it in their own language.  

  • What does your general desk/writing setup look like? (DWD Johnson)

    At uni I have a desk with a lamp for reading, a kettle and coffee-making ingredients on my right, and papers all over the place. I've lost the fine art of filing my uni work over the last three years. At home, I have a small office, with my books on shelves (and in every single cupboard) and my desktop computer. When I eventually move out, I'd really love to have an old-fashioned writing space with a gramophone and a candlestick phone. Further evidence that I was born in the wrong century. I also keep notebooks by my bed, as I tend to have my best ideas in the middle of the night.  


  1. Hi. I was wondering what you meant by "The Bone Season" has 2 meanings.. Hope you can clarify :) P.S. Good luck for your upcoming exams

  2. I haven’t had anything to ask until now, so congratulations on the film rights! The Bone Season really must be fantastic to have this amount of attention on it before it's even been released!
    Can't wait to see your dream cast. Will that be up before or after The Bone Season is released?
    Who will The Bone Season ARCs be sent to? Will it only be reviews for newspapers and people like that or can anyone who asks receive one, provided that there are enough?

    1. Dream cast will definitely be up after the release – don't want to spoil it! I'm not sure about the ARCs yet, but I think there will be a sign-up list.

  3. Yay to the cover release being soon :) I also can't wait to hear what it's like for you to work with the translators.

    Good luck for your final two weeks of term!


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