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Some great news: there's now an official website for The Bone Season, set up by the lovely Amanda Shipp at Bloomsbury. Head over to to sign up for all the latest updates. 

There's also an official Facebook page and an official Twitter

Only three days until the Big News. See you on Saturday!


  1. We're all super excited to find out what the news is! It must be big, because your blog has the extra information for who to contact regarding foreign rights and publicity.

    Did someone buy the rights to make it into a film? :) Just guessing...!

  2. Your book has a website! How exciting is that? :) Can't wait for the news!

  3. It's all starting to happen!

  4. Can't wait!

    My guess, its either

    1. Release date has been to an earlier date
    2. film rights has been aquired/bought
    3. You will be posting the first chapter
    4. you're going to send ME the whole manuscript in advance so i can read it now LOL

    looking forward to hear the good news. and I love the short description of the bone season on your website. :)

  5. congrats on the film rights! Saw it at


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