New release date

I completely forgot to post this when it happened, so here's another mid-week mini-post:

The release date of The Bone Season got shifted. To an earlier date. If the original release date had been kept – 12 September 2013 – then it would have been one year exactly until it was released in the UK, with a potentially earlier or later release date in the USA, Australia and other territories.  However, I'm thrilled to announce that the release date is now 20 August 2013, and that's worldwide!

The countdown now hits 342 days. I know it's less than a month earlier but it's so great that there's less than a year to go now. 

I'll have more news soon on foreign sales, and some bigger news in October. Also very exciting is that The Bone Season is going to the Frankfurt Book Fair with my agent.

I'm away on Sunday, so look out for my next blog post this Saturday. I'll be writing on how to get past writer's block.


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